[HERB] Anise stars

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Anise Stars
Scientific name: Llicium Verum
Star anise is a spice plant belongs to a broad family of floral trees. The plant grows in south-west China. Star shaped fruits are harvested shortly before ripening. Star anise common in Asian cuisine, dishes and various mixtures and mix such as Chinese five spice.

Culinary Uses: star anise flavor and aroma is strong and we recommend it in small amounts for seasoning soups, fish, meat and desserts. Star anise is decorative and decorating with recommended doses of years.

Other uses: to strengthen the flow of Blood stars of anise stimulate and strengthen and promote peripheral blood flow. Digestive stars of anise relieving muscle and intestinal walls plant is great for digestion. Special and Siaol- stars of anise help dealing with special and cough. Increased milk production Blidh- stars of anise encourage milk production and help prepare for birth.

How to use:It is recommended to add a small dose (2-3 units) for soups, meat stews, infusions and more.

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