[HERB MIXTURE] Fever Few Magic Blend

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Fever Few Magic Blend: The wonders of the chrysanthemum - a mixture of plants 

According to English tradition, it is known to help treat migraines and headaches.

The main ingredients are : linden, passionflower, naphtha, chamomile, verbena, spaghetti, Vitania, peppermint, peppermint, pilpendola, astragulus, ginseng, licorice, thistle seeds, dandelion, olive leaves, hawthorn, green tea, , Calendula, Abraham's discourse


How to use:
Decoction - Cook the plants in a glass and a half water for ten minutes with a closed lid, turn off the fire, wait 10 minutes and strain. It is customary to keep the refrigerator in the refrigerator and drink from it a third of each time 3 times a day preferably before the main meals 

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