[GOURMET] Granola with Chia and Flax seeds

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Granola with Chia and Flax seeds:

Oatmeal contains fiber and helps digestion many, helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.
Sunflower seeds - in the past been used as food for the birds and then extracting oil. High nutritional value protein source, rich in methionine (an essential amino acid), contain vitamins B, E, iron and calcium, polyunsaturated acids. Help lower cholesterol.
Pumpkin seeds -polyunsaturated fat, calcium, iron and B vitamins and especially zinc helps in cases of prostate enlargement, balance blood sugar, fertility male (sperm contains zinc), memory, healing wounds, improving cell skin and strengthening the immune system.
Almonds - contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C and fiber. Help prevent heart disease and blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and may slow the development of colon cancer and lung.
Sesame - Seeds has great nutritional value, according to the seventh calcium in milk, minerals and vitamins. You should eat in situations of anemia, constipation, hemorrhoids.
Chia seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and are rich in protein, soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamins.  A large part of the content of Chia seeds entering the body is not absorbed into the blood and therefore caloric intake value of chia seeds is low. Rich in omega-3, omega-3 reduces the risk of cancer and inflammation, maintains vascular and cardiac system and improves mood. Therefore, it is important to incorporate omega-3 daily diet.
Flaxseed - seeds rich in fiber, omega-3, lowering cholesterol and fats in the blood, helps in weight loss due to the fibers and helps to soften the intestinal fecal evacuation and important person, contain essential fatty acids.


How to use:

  • You can nibble on the mixture.
  • We recommend adding yogurt, muesli and milk. You can also add fresh fruit. Sweeten recommend for those who like fresh date syrup or honey.
  • You can also add the mixture to many desserts or ice cream sweet side.


Contraindications and Warnings: forbidden for infants and toddlers