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Chinese herbal salt | Chinese Plant Salts

Chinese herbal mixture containing various salt comprising a natural substitute. Is unique in that it is rich in potassium and little sodium (salt) and used as a spice in itself.


Ennis - heals intestinal walls and considered as a great digestive aid, and for coughing, milk production increases and facilitates childbirth.
Guard - the guard contains vitamins, oils, anti-cancer (Fitostrilim), minerals, etc., a gas absorption properties of so recommended after a heavy meal and bean side, it is recommended to treat colic and gas primarily in infants. Essential oils mainly ethanol intestinal peristalsis regulate saver, reduces intestinal emptying time, in addition to ease indigestion.
Caraway - Caraway has qualities of absorbing gases and therefore recommended after a heavy meal and bean side, helps relieve menstrual cramps.
Celery (stalk, seeds, leaves) - a vegetable dish that contains calcium, iron and potassium. Celery root is commonly used for seasoning and strengthening flavors.
Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effectively lowering blood pressure and diuretic
moss - useful for treating gastrointestinal, abdominal pain and flatulence, memory and concentration
tarragon - herb with a strong flavor, tarragon rich in potassium, helps digestion, relieves stomach cramps.
Spinach - contains a lot of iron, diuretic, laxative, helps anemia, lowers blood pressure, helps intestinal gas.
Blush - oval spice and sour fruit is actually flush milled. Spice has the ability to promote absorption and digestion of meat in the digestive system, a sour taste and a little salt and can be used as a substitute for salt.


 How to use: Use as a substitute for salt.


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