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Scientific name: Nigela Sativa

Neche aka Nigella is a plant of the Norris family that can be grown in the home garden.
It is an especially nourishing and nourishing plant that contains amino acids, fatty-lignal acids, omega-6, oleic, palmitic, iron, potassium, vitamins B1,2,3,6,10, calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, fibers, proteins And carbohydrates.

Culinary Uses:
Nigella is used for seasoning various salads, sauces and pastries in the kitchen.
It has a special taste and many qualities can be added in a complementary way or infused with olive oil and make use of oil (will be detailed below).

Other uses:

  • Nigella has many virtues: anti-shrinkage in the respiratory system, prevents bronchial formation, anti-asymptomatic, stimulates production and flow of bile and a fatty liver drain, immune stimulant, anti-histamine activity, In nursing, laxative and diuretic, aids in digestion, accelerates circulation, stimulates memory and concentration, protects the heart. 
  • It is advisable to prevent diabetes by using it regularly while sugar is just beginning to rise, so the odds are very good to prevent the onset of the disease, and if the diabetes has already broken out in our body, the use of the capsule must be controlled so that we can prevent the emergence of a medication imbalance. Between prescription and medication must be accompanied by a doctor. 
  • The respiratory system - Nigella is a spice that may prevent bronchial stenosis and is recommended for those suffering from breathing difficulties , and it can also be used to treat even snoring. The method is: insert the nigella into a cloth and rub the nose of the potential snorer a few minutes before getting into bed. To open the airways in children, you can put a decoction with an abrasive to evaporate and disperse cold mist in the room during the night during sleep. 
  • Protecting the heart - according to tradition, keg is considered a heart-protecting plant. To the extent that in certain places in the world it is said that someone who eats an egg must choose another cause of death, since the keg will keep his heart intact. This is probably explained by the fact that vitamin supplements are essential for maintaining the heart and the ability to balance blood pressure regularly, thus preventing one of the risk factors for heart disease. 
  • Memory and Concentration - According to tradition, ejaculation probably increases memory and concentration by increasing blood flow to the brain. therefore, 
  • Maternity and women in general - The use of bilch before the birth will increase the milk yield in the mother, and later through the breastfeeding will transfer to the baby through the milk, nutrients, gas-driven and treat abdominal pain. For women in the fertile period, it may stimulate menstruation and treat menstrual pain.
  • Skin problems - the oil of the tonsil can be applied to skin lesions, such as eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, pustules. 
  • Headaches and joint pain - Apply and rub in the painful area of ​​the head or joints to relieve pain.

Apply and rub in the painful area of ​​the head or joints to relieve pain.

Precautions and warnings:
• It is not recommended for pregnant women for fear of miscarriage.
• Non-diabetic patients with medication, unless approved by a doctor.
• Not in cases of excess acidity in the digestive system, or prone to heartburn.

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