WESAK 2017: The Quickening: A Time for Inner Work, Spiritual Courage, and Agility"

Our planet is enveloped by uncertainties. From unstable atmospheric changes, financial worries, to regressive political systems, terror attacks, change is being forced upon us. As a result, many are in fear. It is as if the natural order of things has been disrupted. The predictability and control of the past are gone. We are all moving in uncharted territories.

Understand that we are moving through an acceleration during which multiple, and at times opposite, realities are occupying the same space. We are being presented with competing possible future scenarios. From these potential futures, we will have to choose a path to follow. Now this is not just one event, but a process, stretched out over several years with multiple choices to be made. We will need to continually change our existing identity into a new and relevant identity in the continually emerging future. No one has a map or GPS coordinate as to what path or choice is more appropriate. We will have to feel our way through this process. This is where your intuition and connection to your higher power will serve you well.

Yet no matter how chaotic the world seems to be, God has a plan. If you have a powerful and steady connection with the Creator, than this will not a problem for you. But for most the connection to the Divine is spotty. If you are in need of guidance, let trained channels voice messages from the spiritual hierarchy. Once a year, at the full moon in Taurus, the latest dispensations from God become accessible. It is a celebration called WESAK which is the name of a valley in Tibet that is the crown chakra of the planet. Now more than ever, we need to get answers. This is why we are holding a four-day event, WESAK 2017, to help answer the following questions: How do I navigate these turbulent times? What I am supposed to do? How do I fit into the greater scheme? Do my voice, participation, and co-creation in this process matter? What is the ultimate goal?

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, join us for WESAK 2017 on May 7th, 2017, at The Alchemical Theater Laboratory, 104 West 14th Street #3, New York New York from 10:00am to 5:30pm and on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2017, from 9:00am to 6:00pm at the Gaiaville Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains: 14439 State Highway 97th, Long Eddy New York.

Let expert channels and spiritual teachers help you find clarity. Leave with action plans to guide you path toward personal fulfillment and achievement. Find your puzzle piece and help support planetary ascension."