[GOURMET] A Spice Mixture for Galilean Rice

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A refreshing blend of special dried fruits that give the rice a sweet and delicate taste.

Pear - a wonderful fruit rich in fiber and minerals.
Apple - sweet and healthy fruit, rich in fiber.
Papaya - Ines papain found in papaya helps digestion and breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Papaya removes intestinal worms and is counteracting heartburn.
Pineapple - a wonderful flavor and can be used as a snack rich in natural fiber, vitamins C and A, and as a good starting enzyme important for digestion.
Mint - a plant of the lipid family, a mildly delicate mint, effective for abdominal pain, swelling and gas, muscle cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal headaches, vomiting, colds, sinusitis.
How to use:
Add the mixture at the beginning of the cooking and fry a little with the rice to open the flavors. The recommended dosage is about 1 cup of rice and about 1/2 cup mixture.

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