[GOURMET] A mixture for salad with pistachio and white cheese

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A mixture for salad with pistachio and white cheese. 


Pumpkin seeds - contain 30% -35% polyunsaturated fat, calcium, iron and B vitamins, especially zinc, which helps in increasing prostate, balancing blood sugar, male fertility (fluid contains zinc), memory, wound healing , Improving skin cells and strengthening the immune system.
Sunflower seeds - previously used as food for birds and then for oil production. High nutritional value source proteins, rich in methionine (essential amino acid), contain B vitamins, E, iron and calcium, polyunsaturated acids. Helps lower cholesterol.
Almonds - contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and vitamin C and fiber. Help prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce cholesterol, and may slow the development of colon and lung cancer.
Pistachios - the green core of the pistachio tree. A nut that helps digestion, strengthens, contains calcium, iron and fiber.
Brown sesame seeds - seeds of great nutritional value, 7 times more calcium than milk, minerals and vitamins. It is best to eat in anemia, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Directions for use:

Crispy addition to salad or just to nibble. The mixtures can be lightened. 

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