[GOURMET] Blend of Spices For Chicken Breast

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Blend of Spices For Chicken Breast 


Bread crumbs - mix of bread, dried adds flavor 
turmeric - curcumin is considered one of the spices healthiest and today recommended to consume 2 grams of turmeric on the prevention of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, liver problems, infections and more.
Oregano - a plant from the lipid family. Effective against cough and treatment of fungi, supports digestion and breathing.
Parsley - parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and a
sweet paprika - sweet red paprika, which is finely ground.
Brown sesame seeds - seeds of great nutritional value, 7 times more calcium than milk, minerals and vitamins. It is best to eat in anemia, constipation, hemorrhoids.
Natural soup powder - a combination of fine ground vegetables, without monosodium glutamate, adds wonderful flavor and aroma.

Directions for use:
Dip the spice mixture in a beaten egg, watch the mixture and fry until golden brown.

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