[GOURMET] vanilla stick

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Vanilla grows in tropical regions and in different countries such as Madagascar, India, China, Mexico and Turkey. Vanilla is one of the world's most expensive spice, due to the hard work and time spent growing and production. Once planted vanilla plant will take about three years on average to begin to bear pods. The flower of vanilla, white-yellow color, open only one day a year, for a few hours, which is to be transferred process of dusting. 

Culinary Uses: Vanilla is used in the kitchen for desserts, ice cream, pastries and dishes and it being special taste. The kitchen is customary to use sticks and vanilla powder and vanilla or vanilla extracts derived from the plant.

Other uses: thanks to intense and sensual smell ancient folk literature mentions vanilla bean sexual aphrodisiac and a remedy to high heat.

How to use: vanilla should be moist and flexible. Rind should be shiny. It is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. Used for desserts like panna cotta, creme brulee, pear wine, etc. Cook stick with the mixture and then open it and take out the seeds. 

Contraindications and Warnings: overuse can cause a bitter taste.

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