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Scientific name: Lilac Chaste Tree

The Abraham bush is an ornamental shrub that grows mainly in streams and along the roads of our country. Its flowering at the end of the summer is characterized by a pink and white spike, and at the beginning of autumn (November) the bush fertilizes its cows in clusters. The fruits of the fruit are collected between August and November and are dried. Although the bush grows on the side of the road in our country, it is not recommended to pick from this environment because of the pollution that has stuck to it.

There are several hypotheses about the source of the name: Some claim that it is the discourse in which the ram holds its horns, in the story of the binding of Isaac.
There are those who believe that Sarah, Abraham's wife, who was barren, succeeded in giving birth due to the use of a plant, which according to popular medicine contains substances that regulate the activity of sex hormones or replace them.

Culinary Uses:
Abraham's discourse is used to medicinally or eat thanks to its medicinal properties.
Its fruit can be crushed and added to salads.

Other uses:

Abraham's discourse is also called the woman's discourse because it helps women with various hormonal phenomena: treats premenstrual syndrome and helps in moderating various symptoms for menstruation and pain reduction during ovulation, increases milk production in nursing women. This is due to volatile matter found in the plant and affects the brain's hypophysis and causes the production of hormones that reduce the level of prolactin in the blood, treating the irregular cycle, progesterone plant.
Hormonal Problems - Abraham's discourse maintains a normal level of progesterone in the body of the person who consumes it, which may help to solve fertility problems in women with hormonal imbalance and / or lack of ovulation. Helps treat menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes. Can help delay the onset of menopause symptoms in several months to years. Strengthens female libido and weakens male libido.
The weakening of the male Lebido - with the opposite effect on the women - Abraham's discourse weakens Lebido and is therefore called the village of the monks. In the ancient world, the men used Abraham's discourse to temper them. Therefore, all women who are looking for a way to calm their partners a little or want to calm their concerns while they are away from home. It is recommended to give the owner a handful of fruits Abraham's bush.
PMS - treats premenstrual syndrome and helps to moderate various symptoms for menstruation and pain reduction during ovulation. It is recommended to regulate the menstrual cycle after stopping the use of oral contraceptives.
Increases breast milk production in lactating women - thanks to a volatile substance in the plant that causes the production of hormones that reduce the level of prolactin in the blood.

Directions for use:
• Boil the fruit and drink the brew.
• Chew 5-10 dried fruits before meal, followed by drinking a glass of water.
• Crunching the fruit in the mortar and pestle and integrating them into the salad.
• Soak the fruit in olive oil for about two weeks and then season with the cooking.

Indications and warnings:
• Do not use during pregnancy or near birth

• Do not consume when using oral contraceptives or poly-cystic ovaries

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