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Hot Paprika

Scientific name: Capsicum Anuum

Paprika was discovered with the discovery of America and is known as peppers.

The pepper is grown in March-April and is harvested in September-October. The growth process is about 4 months and the picking takes about 3 weeks.

After drying, the paprika is sorted into Class A and Type B according to its size, color and shape, and only after the drying of the sting (the green part) is it dried and can be easily cut without affecting the integrity of the paprika. Without the sting after careful sorting, the consumer can not control it, and the

In the past, the big paprika manufacturer was Hungary, but following the pollution of the Hungarian paprika water was not approved in many countries and today Israel is considered a manufacturer and exporter of paprika at a very high level.

There are different types of sweet peppers, chili, chili and more.

Culinary Uses:

Acute paprika is produced by:Acute Hungarian paprika is the most common and is often used to add sharpness.

Deep Moroccan paprika with a deep color and a very dominant taste, this is a version that combines sunflower oil.

This version is especially common in the Moroccan dishes.

Paprika adds color and flavor to every recipe - dishes, meat, soups, cheeses and more.

Other uses:

The red color of red peppers originates in a group of pigments called carotenoids, which have recently been used as natural food colors, especially in the cosmetics industry and in the meat and sausage industries. They are known as anti-oxidants. The value of the peppers increases as the ripening process progresses: A high intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as a significant amount of B vitamins.

A ripe red pepper contains twice the amount of vitamin A from green peppers and 70% more vitamin C and a much larger amount of vitamin B. 2 teaspoons paprika day provide the desired level of vitamin C as a family

What! Please remember that paprika is a sarcastic and spicy flavor. 

How to use:

there is a complete or add paprika powder to taste and recipe.

Contraindications and Warnings:

• acute but if it Bria-! We recommend not to overdo it.

Price per 100 grams:

Pay 7.5 NIS

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