[HERB] Artichoke Leaves

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Artichoke leaves

Scientific name: Cynara Scolymus

The artichoke is a perennial perennial bush containing fruit, the shrub has over 40 fruits of various sizes, the fruits are considered delicacy, but the medicinal properties are the artichoke.

Culinary Uses: Artichoke
The leaves are used to for their medicinal properties.

Additional uses:

Herb artichoke is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Helps liver, bile ducts, gallstones, anemia and more.
Heavy - the main active ingredient is called "silmarin", a type of flavonoid (a very strong antioxidant) and has a positive effect on the liver. The plant protects the liver and increases its ability to cleanse itself of toxins, chemicals, drugs and hormones. In addition, the plant protects the liver cell membranes from liver toxicity and inflammatory damage, and therefore is suitable for treatment during acute acute or chronic inflammation and fatty liver disease. It is recommended to use rehabilitation for liver damage due to drinking alcohol. It contributes to regrowth of cells, and the seeds reduce lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood. The use of artichokes reduces the liver's sensitivity to antibiotics and alcohol, and their bitterness helps to stimulate conversion activity, improve digestion and exits.
Blood pressure and cholesterol - Artichoke leaves help to lower blood pressure and clean the fats in the blood vessels and cholesterol (also thanks to the effect on the liver).



Use a teaspoon of boiling water for 10 minutes, filter and drink.

Cautions and warnings:
• May reduce milk yield in breastfeeding
• May cause allergic reactions

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