[HERB] Astrgolos

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Astrgolos  | Astragalus

Scientific name: Astragalus Membranaceus coding membranes Chinese

A perennial plant leguminous, prevalent mainly in China and in Chinese medicine. The use is the dried root of the plant when dried properly.

Other uses:

astrgolos is the root strengthens vaccines, anti-viral, stimulates peripheral blood, helps cancer patients during chemotherapy strengthening exhaustion, helps to heart problems and blood vessels, supports health.

The root contains antioxidants, zinc, iron, folic acid.

Hison- system encourages all Bormio immune system, helps return it to us after treatment Cimotrfim.

Arthritis - powerful anti-inflammatory aids, ulcers switched off.

Alzheimer's disease - the plant can extend the life of brain cells in 30% and more.

Socrtiim- plant stimulates the peripheral circulation and therefore helps sufferers of partial blood flow to remote areas such as limbs and head.

Erectile Dysfunction - helps impotence or frigidity in men and women.


How to use:

You have to boil a teaspoon of root quantity of a cup of water for about 15 minutes, filter and drink.


Contraindications and Warnings:

  • Pregnant women should not
  • Women must not breast-feeding
  • Do not infants, babies and the elderly
  • High-dose must not fear dizziness.