[HERB] Bat Lemon Thyme

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Bat lemon thyme

Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris

 Thyme belongs to the mint family native and grew up in a bush. A very common plant in the country and easy to grow your home garden.

A perennial plant with several varieties: plain thyme, lemon thyme daughter.

Year old lime thyme Thyme is a cross between a lemon and lime flavor is a special.

 Culinary uses:

Bat thyme, lime flavor and a delicate lemon fragrance, recommended integrating soups, fish, potatoes and lime-based sauces with a flavor of thyme.

Other uses:

plant disinfects, destroys bacteria, stimulates the immune system, helps the respiratory, digestive, urinary and kidney.
helps a cough, sputum, throat infections, bronchitis and asthma.
Infections - effective as gingivitis mouthwash.
Digestion - year old lemon thyme helps the digestive system during infections and worms.
Dandruff - hair washing thyme time will help rid dandruff.
helps treat headaches and sleep well


How to use:

add to various dishes or hot water to brew and drink.,

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