[GOURMET] Dried Black Persian lemons

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Persian lemon is actually a kind of lime.  Dried lemon fruit and aromatic species serves Persian cuisine for soups, sauces, meats and more. The difference between black and white Persian lemons is their drying method. White Persian lemon is dried in the open air and a heater, Persian lemon dried black is done in heating pots resembling a slow process similar to creating charcoal.

Culinary Uses:

Persian lemon is used in the kitchen for soups, stews and more. Best known Cuban soups recipes, dishes pickled green (Rormh Sbzi), rice, potatoes and more.

Other uses:

lemon contains vitamin C in bulk when it is dry (shell) effective control of bleeding, disinfection, mouthwash during inflammation, skin-lightening epigrams (compresses), strengthening the immune system (which stimulates production of white blood cells), varicose veins in the legs (compresses) circulatory problems, prevention of atherosclerosis, lowering weight-lemon day boosts metabolism.


Take lemon, creating a hole in the toe and throw a cup of tea or soup or any cooking sauce (gives a slightly sour taste ...)

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