[GOURMET] Butcher Cutlet Blend

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Bay leaves - a noble leaf, with a strong and special flavor. The leaves are sanitized and can be treated with respiratory infections, digestive and gas problems, urinary tract infections, periodontal infections, and urinary tract infections.
Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and
rosemary . It is a highly antioxidant, stimulates blood flow in the digestive system, helps migraines and headaches, strengthens and strengthens .
Red Pepper - Red pepper is the ripe kernel of black pepper, with a delicate taste!
Smoked paprika - whole red paprika that undergoes a smoking process in a grinder based on spices, then coarsely grounded with sunflower oil - with a strong color and a special taste.

Mix the mixture with olive oil and dip meat cutlets.

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