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This is the most concentrated solution of vitamin C available on the market; every dropper contains 100 mg of pure vitamin C, with improved bioavailability and proven efficacy. The product is intended for use as a source of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C in children and adults, and to support proper immune function and prevent infections.

Research supported actions for the Ingredients

An efficient source of vitamin C, immune support, reduces the frequency and shortens the recovery time from infections.

Research supported indications for the Ingredients

Vitamin C deficiency, weakened immunity, frequent infections, flu, colds, runny nose.

Safety precautions

The product is safe to use and free of toxicity.

Dosage and mode of administration

1-2 droppers per day or when required.


30 ml


Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

Natural lemon extract

Studies and references

A 1994 study found and defined that there is no significant difference in vitamin C levels in the plasma and in excretion in urine between the three accepted forms of usage of the vitamin; ascorbic acid, Ester-C and ascorbic acid with the addition of bioflavonoids. The researchers agree and conclude that according to the results of the study, and given its relatively low cost, ascorbic acid is the preferred source of vitamin C as a supplement for humans. (J Am Diet Assoc 1994;94:779-81)

A scientific publication from 2006 indicates that vitamin C levels in plasma and in white cells drops significantly during an active infection and in stressful conditions. Taking the vitamin was found to improve various immune indicators. It was found that taking vitamin C shortens the duration of the illness in respiratory tract infections and alleviates the symptoms. (Ann Nutr Metab. 2006;50(2):85-94)