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Scientific name: Opuntia ficus-indica

Sabra is one of the cactus / sabra species. The plant has spoons, flowers and sweet fruits. He received his name because he accumulates the water he sucks and contains a large amount of fluids that feed him for a long time and is therefore considered a desert plant that manages to go through dry periods and still survive.

Culinary Uses: 
The cactus fruit is used in the kitchen but the flowers are used to decide thanks to their medicinal properties.

Other uses:

prostate - The plant improves the symptoms of prostate enlargement, especially blood flow to the prostate, treats inflammation, reduces urinary tract stimulation and general prostate tonic. The use is three sabra flowers per day as decided.
Kidney Stones - Cactus Flowers help break kidney stones and gall bladder with additional plants.

How to use:
Boil 3-4 flowers in boiling water for 5 minutes, filter and drink up to twice a day.

 The labels and warnings:
• It is important to be careful that the flowers have small thorns

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