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Scientific name: Unjearia Tomantosa

It is a large and common climber commonly found in the Peruvian rain forests and other countries that have rainforests. 

The plant clings to tree trunks and can climb for dozens of meters.
The plant is from the Poetic family, an annual plant with yellow-orange blossoms.
The plant was named after the jagged, gorse-shaped jagged veneer, whose Latin name - calendula is a reminder of the past belief that the plant blooms at the beginning of each month

Culinary uses:
Calendula is used to season the food, and in the absence of saffron or turmeric, the rice and lentils can be painted with the help of the plant.

Additional uses:

Calendula is a shrunken and disinfectant that helps treat wounds and is a major component of the cosmetic industry and various skin-care products.
Skin problems - Calendula has properties that rehabilitate the skin cells, evacuate dead cells from life and grow new cells, it is effective for treating fungi and bacteria, preventing infection, treating burns, bleeding, bruising, cuts, wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids and rashes.
Lymph nodes - Calendula helps to swollen lymph nodes, recommended along with palate.
Gastrointestinal system - Calendula is a constricted, bitter, bile-stimulating plant that relieves contractions and thus aids digestion during gastroenteritis and gastritis.

How to use:
recommended to brew the leaves in hot water, wait 10 minutes, filter and drink
• Oil Zit- recommended to mix 8 tablespoons olive oil with 3 tablespoons of marigold and other flowers of lavender, put in a glass container for a month and use oil to treat skin damage And strengthen hair roots.
• Calendula - add 1/2 liter of boiling water to a handful of calendula flowers for half an hour, soak a patch in the plant position and treat the problematic area.
• Calendula ointment - heat 100 grams of vaseline with 100 grams of calendula and cook on low heat for half an hour. Filter the liquid and keep in a jar. After a few minutes, the liquid will become solid and form an ointment that can be stored in the refrigerator and treat various skin problems.

Precautions and Warnings:
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women are
not allowed • Children under 2 years of age
• Not recommended for people taking sedatives

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