[GOURMET] Candied ginger

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The taste of the ginger is reminiscent of the taste of a spicy lemon. Eating it, like garlic, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. It is recommended for children who suffer from nausea during travel to eat ginger before. Is one of the most effective means of preventing nausea in pregnancy. Recommendation - eat one fruit a day.

Other uses:
For sufferers, the source of ginger is known to stimulate peripheral blood flow and is therefore recommended for those suffering from cold.
The digestive system - Ginger has strong taste and is considered as a heater and therefore stimulates digestion, helps against vomiting (pregnant women allowed until the third month), diarrhea.
Inflammation - with anti- inflammatory properties , helps arthritis.
Colds - treats colds, helps people suffering from sore throat.

Contraindications and Warnings:
• Ginger can cause gas, distention and indigestion.
• Pregnant women are not allowed from third month.
• Overuse may cause heart rhythm and depression