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cinnamon Cinnamon Scientific name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum The cinnamon spice originates in the CASSIA CASSIA bark which was first grown in Sri Lanka. Today, Asia, South and Central America and Madagascar are growing. Cinnamon is sold in a flat or rolled shell (in several sizes), like thin branches of wood and as a powder. Cinnamon is recommended for use in January At the beginning of the cold season, cinnamon warms, dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.
Culinary Uses:
Cinnamon is common in the kitchen in a variety of recipes, from various desserts to special meatballs . Cinnamon, of course, is an important component of the familiar Baharat mixture. Use of cinnamon to season pastries, meat (can be used in the mixture of baharat containing cinnamon), hot infusions (such as punch) in the amount of 2/3 teaspoon per day. A familiar recipe is meat patties on a cinnamon stick.
Other uses:
Besides being Improves blood flow to peripheral cinnamon number of other medicinal properties:
Mhta- mostly anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, coupled with a fingernail can improve bad breath by I killed and odor-causing bacteria in the mouth rot.
Download Sugar Cinnamon effective in lowering blood sugar while improving abilities to absorb insulin receptors.
Download brown cinnamon shudder effective treatment phase during fever.
pain Gron- effective for killing bacteria in the throat, drink a brew with cinnamon powder or erode the sticks.
cough and Nzlt- mixture of cinnamon and honey good for treating coughs and runny nose.
Slsolim- eating a teaspoon of cinnamon can moderate Diarrhea.
Directions for use:
Add cinnamon sticks to infusions or stews.

Cautions and warnings:
• Some are sensitive to cinnamon and may get inflammation and skin allergy, should be consumed a bit and inquire about ourselves.
• Not for pregnant women.
Price per 100 grams: whole 7.5 NIS / min 8 NIS

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