[TEA] Citrus Fruits Infusion

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A refreshing and special infusion of citrus fruits.
pineapple - taste wonderful and can serve as a natural snack rich in fiber, vitamins c and A and as a good source of bromelain enzyme important for digestion.
Papaya - Ines papain found in papaya helps digestion and breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Papaya removes intestinal worms and is counteracting heartburn.
Orange - citrus fruit with strong taste and smell.
Pomelo - Refreshing citrus fruit whose flavors are sharpened by the process of drying
Hibiscus - a sour plant, contains lots of vitamin C, antioxidants. Was considered effective for the treatment of lowering high blood sugar levels and treating urinary tract infections.

How to use:

 Add a large spoonful of infusion to a cup of boiling water and drink.
Must eat the soft fruits at the end!
You can drink hot or cold.
The restaurant is suitable for varied desserts, cakes and more.


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