[HERB] Clove

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Scientific name: Syzygium Aromaticum

A tropical tree called the nail vase belonging to the Hadasian family, the tree is common in Zanzibar, Tensia and Southwest Asia.
The tree yields a bud in pink color that after drying turns reddish brown and its shape as a nail. The nail buds are hand-picked and dried, the nail contains 20% essential oil which has a strong disinfectant. This oil is used mainly in the cosmetics industry.

Culinary Uses:

The stem is used as a spice to change the taste of pastries, sausages, spreads, soups, sauces and various infusions.
The nail is an important ingredient in the Indian chai brew and the punch mixture and the five Chinese spices mixture.
It is recommended to use it in small doses because it has a strong taste.

Other Uses:

The stem has a strong, clammy taste and can be used during toothache to numb the area.

How to use:
It is recommended to add 2-3 pieces according to the recipe - for the infusions, desserts, dishes and more

Indications and warnings:
• It is forbidden to use for pregnant women
• It is forbidden to consume in large quantities
• It is forbidden for people suffering from intestinal problems, stomach ulcers

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