[SPICE] Mixture for Cold Quinoa Salad

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A mixture of dried vegetables and herbs intended for making a cold quinoa salad.

Other uses:

  • Blueberries - contain antioxidants and strengthen the immune system. Help maintain blood vessels and normal blood flow. 
  • Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effective in lowering blood pressure and changing
  • fried onion - the favorite onion after drying and frying, with excellent taste. 
  • Celery - edible vegetable containing calcium, iron, potassium. It is customary to use celery root to season and strengthen flavors. 
  • Vegetables, carrots, gamba and more

Quinoa should be prepared in a separate pot and towards the end of the cooking, add about 4 tablespoons of quinoa to each cup of quinoa, mix and fix according to taste.

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