[CONFERENCE] Cosmic C*ntference


Location: Healing Farm

Date & Time: FRI, Aug 4th, 2017 - SUN, Aug 6th, 2017

Welcome to the Cosmic Communityfest @ The Healing Farm! Join us for a weekend of summer celebration, divine feminine energy, and alignment with the Cosmic Cunt.

What is the Cosmic Cunt? It is a vibration, steady and accessible within all of us. Tune in to intuition, pleasure, personal truth, divine feminine energy, and that is where the Cosmic Cunt is found.

This weekend, we’re expanding the Cosmic Cunt Conference to draw all participants into relatedness not only with their own bodies, but with the earth and our whole human family as well. Join the Communityfest with workshops on permaculture, bio-dynamism and of COURSE on Pussy.

We’ll also be hosting an art show all weekend, with art from Frida Future & many others!  To get involved and submit your artwork, please CLICK HERE

Cosmic C*nt Conference Playshops

  • Yoga
  • Pussify Your Life
  • Letter from your Pussy
  • Pussy Self Portraits
  • Community Art Projects
  • Moonblood Magic
  • Eye Gazing
  • Connecting to your Pleasure (through verbal and physical communication)
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Talking circles

Tentative Agenda (Subject to change)


  • Arrive, check-in and getting settled
  • Bonfire - buzzing initiation, opening the space, ceremony


  • Yoga (90 min) - before breakfast & mid afternoon restorative yoga (60 min)
  • Letter from our Pussies (45 min)
  • Pussy self-portraits (45 min)
  • Talking circles: (60 min each)
    • What does “pussy” and “cunt” mean to you - what is your context walking into the space and what context do you intend to create before you leave?
    • Connection to pleasure: what does it mean to you? What are parts of your life where you’re discovering more pleasure? Where would you like to discover more pleasure?
    • Feminine and masculine energy exploration (open talk circle)
  • Some sort of physical exercise/bodywork exchange with connecting to pleasure through verbal communication) (60 min)
  • PM: dance/movement (before dinner or in the evening) (90 min)
  • Eye gazing/white tantra (45 min)
  • Moonblood magic  (90 min)


  • Morning yoga (90 min)
  • Pussification of your life - eating, etc. (60 min)
  • Community art project & kid’s activities (ongoing throughout day)
  • Take-aways, resources & closing (60 min)

Pass does not included "MoonBlood Magic" Workshop on Sunday.

Want to stay in the know? Visit www.cosmiccunt.com for more juiciness! <3


This event is being provided as a part of the COSMIC COMMUNITYFEST.  

To learn more or get involved, please CLICK HERE