[GOURMET] Garlic Crystals

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Garlic is a vegetable belonging to the family of onions, which also includes onions, leeks and green onions. Leek is also a kind of garlic. The plant grows an onion in the ground. The leaves are mostly concentrated at the base of the plant, and are narrow and long. The inflorescence of a globular awning, usually carried on a high stem-flowering head.
The crystalline garlic is a dry garlic with a thick shredding (not a powder). Its advantage lies in its freshness.

Culinary Uses:
It is a kind of garlic powder suitable for dispersing like salt for seasoning.

Other uses:
• Garlic has been cultivated in antiquity and has been common as an edible and healing plant with many qualities in different continents. "We remembered the fish that was eaten free in Egypt, the zucchini and the watermelons and the hay and the onions and the garlic ..." (Bamidbar 11: 7)
The sages counted the properties of garlic: "garlic is satisfying and sweet (Bava Kama 2: 1). Maimonides recommends garlic as an appetite enhancer, a power of vision, a lot of urine, reduces thirst and helps to clear the voice.


How to use:
You can sprinkle like salt on all kinds of foods that seeks a flavorful presence.

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