[HERB] Cumin seeds

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Scientific name: Cuminum Cyminum
Cumin is an annual herb belonging to the family awnings and raised in various hot on the globe. Cumin fruits are actually seeds (caraway-like) that are used. The special flavor of cumin is an essential oil Thanks named Kominl located inside and released with use. Cumin seeds supplement comes in form or shape that is common ground- use.

Culinary Uses: cumin suitable for integration with cheeses, rice and bean dishes (majadra), integration with hummus and beans, meat (especially lamb), fresh salads (beets, for example). As well as turmeric spice cumin is dominant and therefore it is advisable to add a small amount and if necessary improve flavors.It plays an important role in cooking the Middle East, Turkey, India, Yemen, Persia, China. Cumin is a prominent component mixtures of different spices and dishes Israeli falafel and hummus Hmforsmim-.

Other uses: Excellent for Digestive cumin belongs awnings specializing in evacuating gases (aniseed, caraway), seeds relaxing the muscles of the intestinal walls, improve digestion and help get rid of exaggerating. Cumin seeds is recommended to eat at the end of the meal.

Htztnnot- recommended add cumin seeds and warm milk to drink to ease cough and cold situations.

Siniim- pain medicine is mentioned in ancient folk cumin to treat teeth have drinking cumin infusion. Cancer There are several studies showing that components found in cumin (like turmeric) can fight the development of cancer cells in the gastrointestinal tract.

How to use: There add cumin seeds and various dishes baking powder, cumin is recommended to use the seasoning.

Price per 100 g: complete 5 NIS / NIS 5.5 minced
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