[GOURMET] Dried Dates

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The origin of dates in the deserts of North Africa and they grow in our country along the Syrian-African rift from Beit Shean to Eilat.
Dates were coated with a little sugar and contains vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and lots of potassium.

Culinary Uses:

Dates for the cooking routine: It is recommended to eat dry fruits instead of desserts as a natural substitute for sweets! In addition, it is recommended to add them to cakes, ​​shakes, recipes filled with meat and more.

Other uses:

  • In the Mediterranean basin, dates are used to treat erectile dysfunction, to reduce appetite and satiety, to treat anemia and to help the digestive system. Recommendation - one date per day. 
  • Dates have a large amount of fiber and is a great source of potassium supplementation. There are vitamins B and B12 in Tamar. Rich in vitamin E. 
  • 80% sugar, protein, fat and minerals are produced in the date palm, mainly iron, copper, sulfur, magnesium and calcium. 


  • Using with palm tree root - helps to soothe toothaches. 
  • The seed powder contains tannins that contract blood vessels and are effective in treating wounds. 
  • Dates have many dietary fibers that help digestion. 
  • Israeli Arabs, especially the Bedouins, use dates in their holidays mainly in Ramadan to go through the fast in peace and in time of mourning. 
  • In India, the date palm is used to treat the urinary tract and prevent stomach upset.

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