[GOURMET] English pepper | Allspice | Pimento

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Scientific name: Pimenta Dioica
Common allspice pimento, pepper myrtle or Pimenta. Allspice tree is the product of Mexico and South America and contains fruit, which is picked while still unripe and transported to drying. Common pepper in the world named pimento 

Culinary Uses: allspice strong smell and taste special, it is used for seasoning various dishes, fish, stews, pickling vegetables and acidification and more.  It is recommended to use a small amount of it.

Other uses:

  • Pain Siniim- allspice leaf oil contains the name of phenol Aognol possessing special powers local anesthesia, toothaches and students.
  • Digestion - allspice and warm water can help decided digestive system and absorption of gases. Nerve pain and it is advisable to do a warm bath with a few grains of allspice.
  • Adding allspice as a tea to hot water helps treat colds.

How to use: Add whole or ground to dishes.

Contraindications and Warnings: • High doses is not recommended!

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