[GOURMET] Five Chinese Spices

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Five Chinese spices Five Chinese Spices - A mixture of dominant spices.


Cardamom- is considered a hot seasoning, helps digestion, dissolves gases, stimulates and encourages the secretion of bile and liver. For bad breath, it is recommended to chew 3 grains of cardamom.
Cinnamon - Cinnamon is very healthy and helps to disinfect and cleanse the throat and lowers cholesterol and sugar.
Clove - The closed flower bud of the nail tree is an important flavor for the variety of pastries, sausages, spreads, soups, sauces and infusions. The nail is rustling and can be used for toothache.
Anise - Anise is a powerful herbal remedy for cough, coughing and coughing, which increases milk production and facilitates birth. Place a plate with anise seeds on the table and eat a little of it at the end of each heavy meal. It can be combined with pastries, brewed.

Mix is ​​recommended for rice, legumes and meat.

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