[GOURMET] Dried Elderberry Fruit

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Scientific name: Sambucus Nigra

Most commonly used in the forests of Europe and North America, the elderberry blooms early in the summer, with its spectacular white and small flowers, and its fruits are black berries that appear towards the end of the summer. The tree is called the Tree of Medicine thanks to its extraordinary healing abilities.

Other uses:

  • Elderberry fruits contain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and anti-virus. 
  • The fruits are known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, changing and sweating. 
  • Flu and Cold - The elderberry is effective for drying out runny nose, fever and flu. The treatment causes increased sweating that reduces heat and cleanses the body. The fruits contain very strong anti-viral substances and are therefore recommended for healing spores. 
  • Sore throat - The elderberry is recommended for sore throat by gargling extract from the fruit of the elderberry.

Directions for use:
The fruit must be brewed and it is recommended to eat the fruit.


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