[HERB] Fund Drying lying Bacopa Monnieri Brahmi

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Fund | Drying lying | Bacopa Monnieri | Brahmi - the plant is known and accepted in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. There is often confused with Hsflilh (Hydrocotyl asiatica) because both have similar qualities, and often referred to as both the name Ayurvedic Brahmi. India has traditionally used the plant to treat asthma, hoarseness and loss of voice, as well as a breakdown and treat epilepsy and strengthens nerves and heart. Moderate intensity activities and is suitable for long term use. Plant Parts Used Medical: Foliage medical activity: adaptogen, strengthens \ nourishes the nervous system, soothes, improves mental functioning, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant. Major labels: impaired memory, weakness of the nervous system, anxiety, impaired concentration, dementia (Demencio). Secondary labels: seizures (epilepsy), prolonged stress (stress), sleeplessness (insomnia), fatigue and weakness.