[HERB] Galangel

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Galangel | Galangal

Scientific name: Alpinia Officinarum - Galangal


Galangel is a relative of ginger as a spice and is considered one of the Thai flag, usually imported to Israel only in its land.

Galangel is more difficult to root ginger and cut it into thick slices intended only for seasoning.


Culinary Uses:

flavor reminiscent of ginger, spicy and lemony, although more refined.

Galangel can use infusions, soups, casseroles sweet and sour.

Recommended and famous dish is soup Tom Kaa- containing galangel, coconut milk and lemongrass galangel.

In addition to making use galangel various curry pastes. If you use powder ground- care should be taken in quantities that taste very strong.


Other uses:

helping galangel Digestive system is warming and helps plant and speeding functioning digestive system and even disinfects bacteria.

Btialnd customary use of galangel powder and lime juice to treat colic, in addition to the root helps relieve breathing difficulties.


How to Use:

The dried root is used for stir-fried vegetables dishes, soups and sauces as is the Asian kitchen.


Contraindications and Warnings:

Not recommended for use in large quantities.