[TEA] Green Tea Tea Pineapple Mango Pineapple Mango and Green Tea infusion

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Green tea syrup pineapple mango Pineapple Mango and Green Tea infusion Sweet and addictive infusion.
Other uses:
Pineapple - taste wonderful and can be used as a natural snack rich in fiber, vitamins c and A and as a good source of bromelain enzyme important for digestion.
Rich in fiber and vitamin C.
Green tea contains antioxidants , is anti-cancer and treats atherosclerosis, lowers sugar, prevents tooth decay, is anti- inflammatory, beneficial in hyperlipidemia , helps slimming and inhibits aging.
Papaya-Ines Papain is a papaya that helps digestion and breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Papaya removes intestinal worms and is counteracting heartburn.
How to use:
Add a large spoonful of infusion to a cup of boiling water and drink.
Must eat the soft fruits at the end!
You can drink hot or cold.
The restaurant is suitable for varied desserts, cakes with hushas and more.

 Price per 100 gram: NIS 16

Recipes for recipes:
- Fresh and refreshing natural fruit juices
- Smooth fruit juice
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