[TEA] Green Tea with Peach

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Green tea with peach Green tea with Peach Excellent infusion for awakening and energy. Other uses:
Green Tea - Green tea contains antioxidants, is anti-cancer and treats atherosclerosis, lowers sugar, prevents cavities, anti-inflammatory, useful in a situation of excess lipid, slimming aids and delaying the aging process.
Peach - Dried peach was once used as a spice for meat and poultry dishes, and gave a sweet sweet taste to the food. The peach continues to taste its special taste.
Rose bulbs - contains a large amount of vitamin C, antioxidants and vitamins, mainly used against flu and colds.
Papaya - Ines papain found in papaya helps digestion and breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Papaya removes intestinal worms and is counteracting heartburn.
How to use:
Soak Cfit Mhhlith cup of boiling water for 5 min, filter and drink.

Price per 100 gram: NIS 16