[GOURMET] Spice bland for Guacamole

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A special mixture for seasoning avocado salad aka guac


Paprika - red paprika 
Tomatoes - dried vegetables that still retain its juiciness and special flavor.
Parsley leaves - Parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and diuretic.
Coriander Leaves - Coriander leaves with spice flavor
Persian lemon - a kind of small lemon that is customary to dry. It can be added to meat and casserole dishes or brewed with a special sour taste with lots of vitamin C.
Dried onion - the favorite vegetable in its dry style, still has a special and strong flavor even though it is dry.
Garlic - dried and strong.

Directions for use:
Mix the mixture with water and lemon and mix with crushed avocado.

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