[TEA] Herbal Iced-Tea Lemon Lemon Tree infusion

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Herbal Iced lemon tea | Lemon Tree infusion

Herbal lemon flavored tea particularly suitable ice-cold tea.


Other uses:

peel Lemon peel wood and gorgeous smelling lemony sour taste and delicate.

Tfoz- peel peel of citrus tree with wonderful taste and smell intoxicating.

Lemon refined, loaf addictive sour fruit flavor and provides a gorgeous lemony scent.

Blueberries - contain antioxidants and strengthen the immune system. Help maintain blood vessels and blood flow.


How to use:

we must add a generous spoonful of brewing a cup of boiling water and drink.

A must eat soft fruits at the end!

It is recommended to add ice cubes and serve cold refreshing drink !! Decided to appropriate various desserts, cakes and more.


Recommendations recipes:

- cake stirred with an infusion of fruit

- Popsicle infusions of fruit

- drink coconut cream and strawberry infusion / Mango Guava / Tropicana

- Dessert Triple pomelo hotel

- summer drink Lemon Ice Tea Sparkling