[TEA] Herbal mint apple Apple and Mint infusion

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Apple mint syrup Apple and Mint infusion The infusion is sweet and refreshing.

Other uses:
A sweet and healthy apple , rich in fiber.
Mint - a plant of the lipid family, mint with mild acuity, effective for abdominal pain, swelling and gas, muscle cramps, irritable bowel, gastrointestinal headaches, vomiting, colds, sinusitis.
Pineapple - a wonderful flavor and can be used as a snack rich in natural fiber, vitamins C and A, and as a good starting enzyme bromelain to quell important for digestion.
How to use:
Add a large spoonful of infusion to a cup of boiling water and drink.
Must eat the soft fruits at the end!
You can drink hot or cold.
The restaurant is suitable for varied desserts, cakes with hushas and more.

Price per 100 gram: NIS 13.5