[TEA] Herbal Roses Roses Infusion

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Rosemary infusion Roses Infusion The aroma is superb and aromatic.

Other uses:
black tea - black tea rich in sharp taste and strong aroma.
Rose bulbs - After flowering produces the flower bulb which is actually the ovary containing the seeds. After peeling the ovary, the red peel is used for infusions. The shell contains a large amount of vitamin C, antioxidants and vitamins, and is used mainly against flu and colds.
Crumbling roses - a fragrant flower on which the crumbles are excellent.
Hibiscus - a sour plant, contains lots of vitamin C, antioxidants. Was considered effective for the treatment of lowering high blood sugar levels and treating urinary tract infections.
Papaya - Ines papain found in papaya helps digestion and breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Papaya removes intestinal worms and is counteracting heartburn.

How to use:
Soak Cfit Mhhlith cup of boiling water for 5 min, filter and drink.

Price per 100 gram: NIS 13.5