[GOURMET] Hindu Date | Tamarind

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Tamar Hindu is a tree with edible and popular fruit. It is used as a spice in Asian kitchens and in Latin American kitchens. It is also an important ingredient in Worcestershire sauce and is used as a Thai Thai food dish.

The green buoyancy of this fresh fruit is bitter and acidic. Add it most often to salted and spicy foods. The ripe fruit is sweeter, but still very sour. It is used for desserts and sweetened drinks or as a snack. In Thailand you can find cultured species, almost without bitterness, which are grown especially for eating in fresh countryside.

Additional uses:

• Sour fruit used for weight loss. The hydroxycystic acid found in it inhibits the production of an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids in the process of converting fruit sugar into fat.
• Eating Thai Tamar helps the liver produce glycogen. Its high level of blood allows to help suppress appetite and as an E source available to the body, as a result also decreases our sugar intake.
• The fruit works for exits (mild laxative). Anti-convulsions and cramps relieves throat infections, bronchitis and cough and treats bowel problems.

Consume 1 Indian Tamarind fruit before each meal to increase appetite and good exit. Also eat Thai Tamar candies before meals. 


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