[TEA] Indian chai infusion of Indian chai

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Indian Chai brew Indian Chai A special infusion and spiced directly from distant India. Additional uses:
Black tea - black tea is rich in sharp taste and strong aroma.
Cinnamon - The cinnamon is very healthy and helps to disinfect and clean the throat and lowers cholesterol and sugar
cloves - the closed flower bud of the nail tree is an important spice to diversify the taste of pastries, sausages, spreads, soups, sauces and infusions. The nail is rustling and can be used with
broken tooth teeth - a fragrant flower on which the crumbles are excellent.
Hel is considered a hot seasoning, helps digestion, dissolves gases, stimulates and encourages the secretion of bile and liver. For bad breath, it is recommended to chew 3 grains of cardamom.
Ginger - The use of ginger reduces the risk of atherosclerosis , anti-nausea and vomiting (even in pregnancy), aids in relief of arthritis and helps to improve digestion and gas evacuation.
It is recommended to increase energy and strengthen.

How to use:
 Add 2 tablespoons mixture to half a cup of boiling water and a half cup of milk to cook for a few minutes, filter, sweeten and serve.

Price per 100 gram: NIS 16