[HERB] Indian Crumbled Roses

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Roses are crumbling Indian Crumbled Roses Scientific name: Rosa Vered is a flower of the rose family that is common all over the world. The rose bushes count more than 200 species, species, bushes or perennial, thorny climbers; And is common in dozens of different colors and shades. The rose blossoms are in May and August, each flower petals which crumble and form the crumbling roses.
Culinary uses: The
crumbled roses are used in addition to various dishes such as meatballs , and they are also an important component in various mixtures such as Indian Chai brew, Ras to store mix and more.

Other uses:
Violet roses such as contraction, gas soothing and soothing.
It is recommended to add them to a warm bath for a good smell and to soothe the nervous system.

Directions for use:
Add to dishes, infusions or baths.

Price per 100 grams: pay 10 NIS