[TEA] Infusion exotic Exotic Fruit Infusion


Exotic Fruit Infusion

Fruit mixture containing rose hips, coconut and exotic candied fruits.


Other uses:

coconut - the coconut fruit is considered anti-viral, and an extra sweet.

Rose hips - after flowering produces the flower bud is basically the ovary containing the seeds. After peeling red bark Users ovary decided. Peel contains large amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants and vitamins, and is used mainly against flu and colds

pineapple - a wonderful flavor and can be used as a snack natural and rich in fiber, vitamins C and A, and as a good starting enzyme bromelain to quell important for digestion.


How to use:

 we must add a generous spoonful of brewing a cup of boiling water and drink.

A must eat soft fruits at the end!

You can drink hot or cold.

Decided to appropriate various desserts, cakes and more.