[TEA] Infusion Tonisait | Tunisian herbal infusion


Infusion Tonisait | Tunisian herbal infusion

Roots and spices mixture and heat stimulants containing: ginger, cinnamon, Holing'an, verbena, roses and more ...


Other uses:

Ginger - reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, helps relieve arthritis and helps to improve digestion and evacuation of gases.

Cinnamon - helps disinfect and dry the throat and lowers cholesterol and sugar. The cinnamon stick is recommended to add a hot cup of tea to increase peripheral blood circulation and aid digestion.

Holing'an - the root of the ginger family. Increases alertness and stimulates blood, helps to settle flatulence and irritable bowel problems.

Every time you pour water over the mixture tasted different from last time.



There are palm plants boil a cup of water boiling for a few minutes, filter and drink.