[GOURMET] Dried Kiwi

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The kiwi originated in China and is now growing all over the world. The ripening can be accelerated by inserting it into a paper bag with an apple, pear or banana, and
at the beginning of its growth, the tree needs physical support and is suitable for growing on fences. The ripening of the fruit takes place after all the leaves have fallen. Kiwi is considered to have excellent health properties.

It has twice as much Vitamin C than an orange. It contains magnesium that is important to many body systems, rich in sodium and potassium. It is also a good source of fiber and vitamin E. Its mineral and vitamin content is particularly impressive in B vitamins that are important in the context of heart and normal nervous system B1,2,3,6 and folic acid.
In dry kiwi the content decreases but is still of high value. The dried kiwi is sweetened, but before eating, the sugar can be washed with water.

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