[HERB] Lemon Grass

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Scientific name: Cymbopogon Citrates

Lemongrass is a perennial herbaceous plant originating in the tropics. It has lengths and sharpness. The lower part is known as Lemon Grass which is used as a spice. The leaves have a refreshing and special lemon flavor.

Other uses:
Digestive system - Lemongrass helps digestion foods rich in fats and therefore recommended after a heavy meal.
Deportation of mosquitoes - the smell of lemons removes mosquitoes. Lemon
cancer contains citral known as a substance that reduces the chance of cancer cells growing in the body. Sometimes the body becomes self-suicidal and thus new cells join it, which can cause malignant growth. Citral ether oil activates a mechanism that convinces the adult cells to die and prevents cancer formation. Lemon-
state is one of the anti-depressant plants and a lemon-soothing agent calms the nervous system.
Smell at home - It is recommended to boil lime leaves in warm water and let the steam spread throughout the house, and even treat the liquids and mucus.

How to use:
Add a few leaves to a glass of warm water, filter and drink.

Cautions and Warnings:
• Not recommended for pregnant women.
• Not recommended for breastfeeding women.

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