[HERB] Lemon Verbena | Louisa

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Scientific name: Aloysia Triphylla

A multi-annual discourse that was well received in the Land of Israel and became a sought-after plant. The Louisa has a lemony fragrance and like the rest of the lemon grass contains citral. You can grow the Louisa in your home garden with relative ease.

Culinary Uses:
The common use of Louisa is in the form of infusion, it is also recommended to add it to fruit salad and enjoy lemon aroma, also suitable for yogurt.

Additional uses:

Good sleep - the Louisa with lavender is recommended for a good sleep, it is recommended to add them to a warm bath (a handful of leaves in 3 liters of water and add to the bath water). The Louisa is a classic sleeping plant and is recommended to be placed between the pillow and the float so that during the night volatile oils are released into the body during sleep.
Gastrointestinal system - Luisa relaxes the stomach and intestines by regulating acidity, suppressing contractions and improving absorption. Luise treats gas and swelling.
Heat loss - causes increased sweating and dilates blood vessels and thus helps to emit body heat.
UTI is a diuretic and recommended for treating urinary problems.
Cancer - Lloiza, like lemons, contains citrate known as a substance that reduces the chance of cancer cells growing in the body.


How to use:
Add a few leaves to a glass of warm water, filter and drink.

Labels and Warnings:
Pregnant women must not.

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