[HERB] Linden Flowers | Lime Flowers


Scientific name: Theresa Tilia Cordata

A plant of the Talithim family, in fact it is a large tree with several species. The parts used are the leaves and flowers.

Culinary Uses: 
plant is used mainly as a remedy for its health benefits.

Other uses:

Linden contains components that help sleep and many antioxidants, it moisturizes, reduces fever, treats gas, lowers blood pressure and more.
Lactic acid reduction is very effective as an alternative to paracetamol.
Nervous System - The Linden flower is an anticonvulsant and affects the relationship between stress and physical condition, headaches, stomach aches and more. Recommended in a state of unrest.
The vascular and pulmonary system helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis by clearing the plaque and preventing its formation.
Migraines and headaches are helped  and symptoms prevented. 
Linden is indicated as a treatment for Ear-laryngitis or infections in the lower ear by heating olive oil with a little bit of linden leaves and dripping to the ear

use a teaspoon of boiling water, wait 10 minutes, filter and drink

Indications and warnings:
• Not recommended for high doses - Do not drink more than three glasses a day
• For those suffering from heart problems, consult your doctor

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