[GOURMET] Mixture for roast beef

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Mixture for roast beef Blend of Spices For Roast Beef
Spicy mixture for beef roast.

Other uses:
black pepper - black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper tree. As they ripen, they become black and wrinkled. After drying in the sun they become a common table spice all over the world. Beyond cooking, it has the benefits of an appetite stimulant, stimulant, disinfectant and a storehouse. Effective for treating constipation.
Blush - a spicy, oily spice that is actually the fruit of the blush. A spice with the ability to encourage digestion and digestion of meat in the digestive system, which has a sour and slightly salty taste and can be used as a substitute for salt.
Leaves of bay - a noble leaf, with a strong and special flavor. The leaves are sanitized and can be treated with respiratory infections, digestive and gas problems, urinary tract infections, periodontal infections, and urinary tract infections.
Parsley - Parsley contains iron, effective for lowering blood pressure and
rosemary variable- a plant with manyantioxidants, stimulates blood flow in the digestivesystem, helpsmigraines and headaches, It is recommended to recover from severe diseases, tooth whitening and excellent taste that fits well into the kitchen.
Red Pepper - Red pepper is the ripe kernel of black pepper, with a delicate taste!
English Pepper - English pepper is the raw, dried fruit of a green tree to the citrus family called Pimento, which is used to season soups and dishes for vegetables for fish dishes and cauliflower dishes.

How to use:
 roast the meat on a bed of fresh vegetables, on all sides, to watch the meat well in the mixture and add boiling water to half the height of the pot, bring to a boil, reduce the fire and cook for at least two hours until softening the meat. Spread the meat when it is cold !! Price per 100 grams: pay 13 NIS